Automatic Driving Lessons

Drive Positive offering a superb place to take automatic tuition tailored to your needs. Lessons using automatic cars are easier to grasp when compared to manual car tuition. Automatic vehicles only have an accelerator & footbrake. During regular driving tasks there are no gears to change, it’s done automatically.

Often, people choose the automatic learning option after having real issues in a manually geared car. This is very common and we are happy to say many pupils make accelerated progress in a more relaxed way after switching to drive an automatic car.

Regular routines such as dealing with junctions & roundabouts becomes unhurried with a feeling of better smoother control and time. The automatic transmission selects the correct gears in relation to the speed of the vehicle. As a result, you’ll likely find you have more time to focus on your planning, steering, observations and other important things at the wheel.

Moving off, stopping and those uphill starts are easier. Automatic don’t stall either, so there is less of a change of worrying about holding up any traffic behind.

Learning Automatic Are Popular

The automatic car lessons choice is becoming more and more popular. This type of car are nowadays very affordable to buy and economical to run. There are a great many different makes and models to choose from after you pass the test.

The Automatic Car Driving Test

Taking a driving test in an automatic is much the same as with a manual car. However, you’ll have to bear in mind that passing in an automatic means you can only drive automatics. To drive both manual and auto, you’ll need to pass a manual car test.

Automatic Driving Instructors Ready To Help

Our talented approved instructors locally based in Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield and Barnsley areas in South Yorkshire are always happy to help. We offer services to all people including people with disabilities. So, pass the test with us and enjoy the freedom of the road in a fun to drive automatic car.

Automatic Tuition Costs

  • £25 per hour
  • Block Booking : 10 lessons for £240

Getting Started With Lessons

Starting automatic tuition with us in easy. To get out on those roads the safe, correctly and very educational way call the Drive Positive team on :