Driving Lessons

Whether it’s your very first lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), or you’re just looking for ways in improve your skills, Drive Positive have a selection of flexible courses for your requirements.

A course of driving lessons from us comes inclusive with all the theory test support you need. This is provided completely free of charge. You’ll get access to the latest questions, hazards perception test videos and additional help from your instructor.

New Starter Driving Lessons

This driving course is a superb option for everyone especially learner drivers just starting out. Taken weekly, these lessons are available in sessions of either 1 hour or 2 hours. Simply pay as you go or purchase a package to save money, it’s completely you choice.

Intensive Driving Course

Semi-intensive or full intensive courses are both suitable ways to pass quicker. Instead of waiting months to possibly over a year to get a full licence, simply condense tuition over a matter of days or week.
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Automatic Car Driving Lessons

In an automatic vehicle there is no clutch or gears to change during normal driving. This make learning simpler and allows you to channel more attention to focusing on planning well ahead, anticipation, steering and other essential driver tasks.
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Pass Plus

After qualification by passing the test drivers have a excellent way to improve further by taking Pass Plus. This is a course which helps to reduce the possibilities of being involved in an accident and is very beneficial to any new driver.
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Refresher Lessons

A great way to get back behind the wheel in a positive, prepared and safe way. Get on track and keep up-to-date with the latest UK road rules. Regain driver skills and build your confidence by taking a few hours of quality patient instruction.
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